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we are megabit


Megabit was created to deliver stunningly creative and exciting games to players around the world through world class publishing. 

Our Games

Exciting projects are coming. Take a look below to see a sneak preview of a few of them. More to follow!

Game 1

Coming Soon

Megabit Game 2

Q2 2024 Announcement

Hero Lous Lagoon

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Our latest news

We’re backing the most imaginative creators offering the skills and tools they need to bring the best games to the market. Keep up to date with the latest news on Megabit and their partners.

Building Background

Are you building the next mega hit?

We’re looking for creative, energetic and passionate teams with a clear product vision and keen understanding of their players. If you’ve got aspirations, we’ll bring the machinations to help your games reach their full potential.

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