Grit and Valor - 1949 | Game Announcement: Lead the Resistance!

The year is 1949. War rages on in this alternate-history timeline and the Axis powers are on the brink of total victory. Having seized control of crucial oil supplies across Europe, they have created powerful Mechs to crush all but the few remaining Allied forces.

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It is up to you, the Commander of a brave band of resistance Mech-Pilots to reclaim Europe with the goal of delivering an EMP to destroy Machine Tower, the Axis base of operations.

Grit and Valor – 1949 offers a unique combination of the real-time tactics and roguelite genres, mixing fast-paced action in bitesize levels with a deeper strategy and upgrade system to use between runs.

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To win back Europe, you must complete all levels within a region one by one, starting from the top of the British Isles. Progression through each level requires carefully maneuvering your squad of three Mechs to both defeat enemy waves and protect your all-important Command Vehicle.

Missions also include various bonus objectives like capturing radio towers or protecting structures from enemy units. Successfully completing them will reward you with additional resources for upgrading your squad back at Resistance Base.

An additional layer of complexity comes from the terrain itself. Each level within a region is randomized, making each run through that region unique. Within the maps, you will find different layouts containing areas of cover to reduce incoming damage and high-ground tiles which increase damage against lower enemies. Taking full advantage of the battlefield is critical to success and can be planned before starting each mission.

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As you progress through the game, you will gain access to additional Mechs and Pilots with unique stats and abilities.

Mechs fall into three key types: Fire, Ballistic, and Explosive. Fire Mechs are close-range units, ballistics can deal damage at medium range, and explosive Mechs attack enemies from afar. Each of these styles also has a type-advantage in a rock-paper-scissors style, dealing and receiving additional damage to and from the other types. When you have additional Mechs to choose from, bear this in mind to keep the upper hand again enemy units!

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Each run will end in one of two ways: successfully saving a region by completing its final level, or the destruction of your Command Vehicle. However, all is not lost! In either event, you will return to Resistance Base where you have a chance to upgrade your Pilots, Mechs, and adjust your squad before going again or moving to the next region.

At the end of each run, you will gain Scrap to exchange for modules from the Junkyard Shop back at base. These modules can then be fitted to your Mechs in the Mech Yard to increase their stats. Upgrade your Mech with enough modules and you will start to unlock additional Mech Traits, strengthening them even further!  
Once your Mechs are upgraded, it’s time to go to the Pilot Barracks and do the same for your Pilots! Using Valor, we can upgrade their skills, making their ability more potent. This includes increasing damage, range, and more. Each Pilot also has the option to upgrade their ability, giving it a new twist and taking it to the next level.

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You can get hands-on with a demo coming soon, so Wishlist today on Steam to stay up to date!

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