Megabit Announces Grit and Valor - 1949 New Real-Time Tactics Roguelite

Megabit, the new publishing arm launched by Aonic to support the company’s 1st and 3rd party video game studios, today announced Grit and Valor - 1949 from Liverpool based developer Milky Tea

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Megabit, the new publishing arm launched by Aonic to support the company’s 1st and 3rd party video game studios, today announced Grit and Valor - 1949  from Liverpool based developer Milky TeaGrit and Valor - 1949 will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch in 2025.

A dieselpunk real-time tactics roguelite, Grit and Valor - 1949  is set in an alternate reality Europe where World War 2 rages on and the Axis controls the continent. As the last hope to end this brutal conflict, players must join the resistance and escort an EMP device into the heart of enemy territory and destroy their mech production and communications headquarters – Machine Tower.

“It’s no coincidence that Grit and Valor - 1949 is the first game published under Megabit, as it perfectly represents the reason why we built our new publishing arm, to support experiences and studios like this,“ said Benjie Clarke, Managing Director of Global Publishing at Aonic. “Milky Tea is a passionate group of visionary developers and it’s truly an honor to help them realize their extraordinary vision.”

Set within several distinct regions, each with dozens of handcrafted levels to battle in, players must overcome unique gameplay mechanics and challenges, as they protect the Command Vehicle escorting the EMP device, by utilizing an all-elite squad of Mechs. Each mission requires players to complete objectives and survive against hordes of enemy waves, while utilizing the terrain and environment to their advantage, exploiting enemy weaknesses to ensure victory.

With gripping real-time tactical action, players must configure their mech squad to fit each mission and think fast to survive, utilizing the right powers, pilots and upgrades after each successful run to ensure victory. Combined with roguelite replayability, no two playthroughs in Grit and Valor - 1949  are the same, ensuring every battlefield is as deadly and unpredictable as the last.

“We’re delighted to announce our first game with Megabit today,” said Kevin Campbell, Producer at Milky Tea. “We can’t wait for players to discover more for our vision for crafting a truly original roguelite experience, which combines popular mechanics from tower defense and strategy games, while spinning it into something fresh and exciting.”

Grit and Valor - 1949 was announced today on Steam. Visit the store page here.

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About Megabit 

Megabit is Aonic’s new publishing arm that was created to support its 1st and 3rd party studio partners. Megabit will provide world class publishing services to support incredible developers around the world. Key titles under Megabit currently in development include Warren Spector’s highly anticipated Thick as Thieves from Otherside Entertainment and the cozy open world adventure Lou’s Lagoon from Tiny Roar and more.

About Milky Tea

Milky Tea is no ordinary UK video game development studio. It all started in 2005 with a brainstorm over a cup of tea by two designer-artists who had some big ideas and lots of determination. Today they are a highly skilled team of around 30 dreamers, creative thinkers, engineers, and artists who design, develop, and publish our own video game IPs as well as offering “work for hire” game development services. Their debut game published under the Megabit label is Grit & Valor.

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